Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Making Progress

I've been working on my quilt since Friday night. It's now the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Technically the Labor Day Weekend is over and we've missed hurricane Gustav. Time marches on.

This quilt is really a mindless meander, or perhaps a purposeful practice. My girlfriend called it a messy masterpiece! And questioned my sanity for all the detail work. I'm still in the middle of the process. (photo shows it rolled up on the quilting frame) And the verdict is still out! I've come to the conclusion that's what separates the masters from the hopefuls...the masters of our craft plan and visualize before ever touching a needle to the fabric...people like me just go for it. Big difference with the end result. Maybe I'm thinking that not trying to be perfect takes the pressure off - who knows! My creative side is still trying to discover my own personal style...so I do what any good student does, I mimic those who have succeeded. Gosh I'm too tired to get into deep thinking - perhaps another time!

Kinda funny that I've done the signature area before the quilt is finished. A result of trying to reduce thread changes I think. Also because I had my son working with me off and on today. He's a self-proclaimed artist and I lean on his opinion a lot. We combined our talents tonight. He drew out a traditional tattoo rose similar to the one he wears so I could add my tribute to my dad.

By the way, Jake just started a blog tonight at my urging. Why not take a peak and see what's on his mind Shaggy's Art We have high hopes of combining our efforts on future projects. I'll try to remember to get a photo of his tattoo honoring my dad and either post it here or ask him to post it on his blog.

Time to turn off the studio lights and call it good.

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