Sunday, September 14, 2008

Able to share photos

Evacuation Puppy: Pixxie in route

We figured out how to upload my photos on this borrowed computer. What I'm going to show you is the retaining lake behind my sister's house, how it was before, after Ike, and after the additional rain.

Before - My sister's backyard

the evening before Ike

During the storm - poor puppy

The water level after Ike, no sidewalks

Looking out after Sunday morning rain

Just heard that Galveston missed the latest rain bands - praise the Lord! Heard that an HEB near our home area is open with generators and limited supplies. My sis just came in and the water behind her house is receiding. One of my quilting friends who works at the shop in Galveston confirmed that most of our friends on the island did evacuate - except one elderly lady who went to stay at the San Lois hotel (where the media stays). We are on information overload - but thankful that the news media is keeping us informed. Things change hourly - again and again we are hearing praises of lives spared.
PS in response to Connie's comment - Kemah, our near neighbor of 5 miles north is underwater - the entire bay area there is pretty wiped out, I'm afraid your friends' house probably suffered. I'm sorry.
PPS the photos above are in an area virtually untouched by the storm, this is where we evacuated. We do not have photos of our home and surrounding area but we are seeing photos on the TV and there's lots of water. We still don't know when we can go home and see things for ourselves.

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