Monday, September 8, 2008

Just Because It's Old Doesn't Mean It's Gotta Be Ugly

Yep, driving around a 15 year old car could be considering humbling by some standards...but when you are thankful to have a car, who cares what it looks like right? Unless you are an artist. A self-proclaimed 'starving artist' like my son Jake.

Well, Jake is one of those guys that when he gets something in his mind he doesn't stop until he's finished. For example, about three months ago he decided he wanted to learn to paint with acrylic paints. He was "waiting" - waiting on insurance to settle up after totaling a car, waiting for this car, then waiting on the mechanic to find a used transmission after the other one blew up. The wait cost him his job as a parts delivery driver (life does throw some curve balls) and now he's waiting on an employment call after that first interview... lots of time on his hands, so he painted. A picture a day.

Saturday night he decided he wanted to paint the hood of his car. Why not? Had it not gotten too dark and the bugs been so bad he would have worked outside until it was finished. Instead, he worked all day yesterday...and here's his if you see him on the road I hope you will flash him a smile! And say a prayer that he will once again (soon) be gainfully employed so the "starving" part can be removed from his resume.

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