Friday, September 12, 2008

Higher Ground

We moved inland about 75 miles northwest to the Cypress area and landed at my sister and brother-in-laws -- who for the record told us a week ago we could come (smile). Again, we were waiting to see if the storm would move more eastward and it didn't. It's a large storm as far as size is concerned, but thankfully it is still a Catagory 2. The storm surge was the deciding factor in our leaving.

We will not miss the huricane, we just hope to miss the danger of the storm serge. It's only 10:30 AM right now, sunny and hot - but as I watch the news, Galveston Island is already flooded with the waves going over the seawall -- and Ike isn't even here yet.

The news station just showed the Kemah Boardwalk which is 5 miles north of us (and a little lower) Without ANY RAIN the boardwalk is already flooded and piers in that area are starting to erode. Kemah is near the Clear Lake/NASA area - home to millions of dollars of water craft among other stuff.

You've heard me say "it's only stuff" -- the only thing we took with us was clothing, food, the external hard drive backup, our pillows, and a couple of quilts for bedding. The rest was left behind. The important things are with me, my husband, my youngest son, and my Pixxie.

The traffic was less than a Sunday drive, one advantage of evacuating late I guess. We traveled in three cars. I cried the first 25 miles of our journey while petting Pixxie in th front seat. I did't cry because I was leaving my stuff, I cried as a stress release and I cried in joy of God sparing us thus far. He's the author of "my story" and if this is the way this chapter is turning out, then so be it.

One of my favorite songs was on the radio as I drove out the drive way (I think this is what prompted the tears) I wish I had the link here to give you to the words, but the part I want to share "strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord, wait upon the Lord, wait upon the Lord....You are the everlasting God, You reign forever".

I'm still a little emotional and weepie right now, but I'm not appologizing for it (smile) just worn out and things really haven't even got started yet. The rains should start after noon, the storm should hit about midnight. There's still a long wait...

I have my camera with me, but not uploading photos right now because I'm on a borrowed computer.

While it's still nice outside my husband and I took Pixxie for a walk. You would never know there was a storm out there. I guess that's how it was for the great storm of 1900 that totally wiped out Galveston - thankfully we have much better communication and have an advanced warning system.

Things are going to be rough for my friends who live on the island. I have no idea how my favorite quilt shop planned for her evacuation...I have several friends who last I heard were still staying (they weren't on the bay like us but still in the area). My biggest concern is for my neighbor and his wife - we'd planned on riding this out together, he assured us that his generator was powerful enough for the both of us and he had a 100 foot cord (grin) When we left this morning he said they had no where to go, mainly due to large dogs. He didn't think the surge would get us...I called his wife when we got here to say the roads were great and to get out. I have no idea what they will do.

Pray for lives to be spared. I know the media play folks up as fools for staying, but you have to realize, there are folks that really have no where to go - they have no transportation, or money for gas and hotels. A lot of folks really don't have anyone to stay with, especially if they have pets. And yes, I know there are shelters....but again, with a Catagory 2 most of us weren't worried until we started to see the storm surge. Many of these folks have weathered larger storms. Its hard to know what goes on in people's minds. Some panic, some withdraw and can't function. Unless you've walked in their shoes it's hard to understand.

I know I'm rambling...but hey, that's what I do. My therapy is either quilting or talking (writing)...I do want to state the possitive so far with this storm. The miracle (and answers to prayers) is that the eye of the storm is not well organized and not building up strength. God indeed is calming this storm. The other good news is it continues to move east - not that we wish it on our neigbhors - but the Bay goes way up into Houston - this is a very populated area. The more east it goes perhaps the less the bay takes a hit.

In reality, just looking at the waves breaking up the piers in Kemah, I can only imagine the little pier I photographed the other morning in our town is probably already gone. In truth, I'm not concerned about losing my stuff - I just don't look forward to the clean up (grin) I'm already tired LOL.

Okay, enough for now. We are safe, we are away from the actual coast/bay. We are still going to go through the storm, but we are together and we have plenty to eat!!

more later,


Susan Loftin said...

I'm glad to know you have headed out and are safe and sound before the storm hits. Praying for you.

Pam said...

You and your family...
and all the families affected are in our throughts and prayers..