Thursday, September 11, 2008

Views Around Town

Many businesses were closing early today - we thanked our friend Tommy who owns Dickinson BBQ for staying open for lunch - told him it made us feel a little more normal. Not only that, but with all the hard work it was great to have a hardy meal.

Several are on the freeways -- the trip from Galveston Island to downtown Houston is about a 2 hour drive - more than three times what it would be normally. Most folks we encountered today were staying put.

Wish I could have gotten more photos from the locals - one motorcycle shop near us had "ride a bike Ike" spray painted on their boards. I guess you gotta have a little attitude, laugh in the face of danger so to speak. Not as a fool obviously, but golly - you either laugh or cry or freak out. There's enough folks out there freaking out.

At this point the traffic is so bad I'd rather take my chances with Ike. But for the record, we did go borrow life vests from my in-laws. I'm praying that is way over prepared! I truly appreciate the emails and phone calls we are getting from folks that are worried about us. My answer, just pray. Pray for safety - for those staying put and for those on the roads trying to out run the storm.

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