Saturday, September 6, 2008

Quilters Trade Days

Today was the Quilters Trade Days at my home/studio. I had invited members from my guilds - the Bayshore Longarm Quilters, Mainland Morning Quilt Guild, and Island Quilters Guild as well as quilters in general to attend - both as a vendor and a shopper! We were blessed with beautiful fall like weather - unseasonably cool without humidity, more importantly NO RAIN - a nice sunny 85 degrees.

Several ladies brought tables laden with goodies - we had longarm supplies such as pantos, thread, books, DVD's as well as piecing supplies ranging from fabric - by the bolt or by the yard, fat quarters and scrap bag sizes - books, stencils, patterns, notions, ready made items - in general anything quilt related or of interest to quilters.

The idea of a trade days was well recieved and everyone asked if this would be an annual event. To which I replied a resounding YES - I need to get my money's worth out of the yard signs (grin). I'm pleased that everyone had a good time, some of the gals made some money, some found some incredible deals, others like myself and Sara ended up "trading" - I think I bought from her almost the same amount she bought from me! All in all a good day.

Thank you Lord for answering our prayers concerning the weather, as well as the safety of those involved as they traveled here (some came over 50 miles), participated in the event, and traveled home. Your hand of protection was appreciated. It's always a good day when quilters gather. Truly a day full of blessings. Thank you for this opportunity.

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