Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Storm Watch

Good ole Ike is a big fellow. Looks like he's gonna cover the entire gulf pretty soon. It's still early yet for exact forecasts, but we're keeping an eye on him - wondering if he's planning a visit to Houston/Galveston. This is one shifty character - at this point very unpredictable. But then again, who can truly predict the weather? Just another reminder to man that God is in control. Thankfully God has allowed mankind to understand just a bit of His design, I'm amazed at the understanding some do have for natural things like weather...it just goes right over my head. Very thankful that folks much smarter than me can help me be prepared through their predictions.

So time will tell if we need to batten down the hatches again. Not looking forward to the process - but will put up boards on the windows if we need to, will pull out the Space Bags to store the quilts if we need to, will have supplies on hand if we need to. Gosh, I'm even washing clothes to make sure we have clean undies (grin) something about all those childhood warnings of clean underwear seem to permeate my thinking at the moment - perhaps I need to just take a deep breath, say a prayer and ask for the peace that passes all understanding so I can have a good night's rest and wake up refreshed to take on whatever the day brings - grocery shopping, finishing a custom quilt (and returning it before a storm so there's one less to be accountable for), and keeping an eye out for Ike. Just a small price for living in paradise (grin). Into every life a little rain must fall -- here's hoping that it's not a lot for anyone on the gulf coast!!

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Holly said...

Karen, we definitely need to stop planning to get together until hurricane season passes! I'm thinking this will NOT be a good weekend! Again.